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KUALA LUMPUR, 9 July – Rail commuters on wheel chairs are strongly advised to seek assistance from station staff when traveling at station platforms especially when entering and exiting the train to minimize risks and ensure a smooth and safe travel.

In making this reminder, Rapid Rail Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Ir. Zohari Sulaiman advised all commuters including the strong, physically fit ones to always exercise caution and be alert at all times while waiting for trains at the station platforms.

In a statement issued today, Zohari also stressed that Rapid Rail – the operator of Rapid KL’s LRT, monorail and MRT services – regularly audits its facilities with various authorities, NGOs and the relevant stakeholders in its tireless efforts to ensure safe, comfortable and convenient travel for people with disabilities. 

“People with disabilities (PWD) can conveniently approach our PBs (Polis Bantuan) or any station staff at the platform for assistance. In the rare absence of the PBs, please approach other fellow commuters for assistance when entering the trains. I am confident that our commuters are all good-hearted people and will be willing to assist especially the less fortunate people like the OKUs and senior citizens.

“It is common knowledge that there is a gap between the platform floor and the arriving trains. We have repeated station announcements to remind commuters on this gap and for all commuters to be alert of the gap. Even the strong, physically fit commuters, too, need to mind the gap as accidents can happen especially when one takes thing for granted.

“We have placed safety notices and reminders around the stations and make the relevant announcements because we want all our commuters to travel safe when using our services. Please queue at the platforms when taking the trains; and always give priority to the people with disabilities,” Zohari said, adding that the outcome of the audits were generally positive.

“In ensuring safety and convenience for commuters using wheelchairs, we have regular audit sessions with the relevant groups in testing out the usage of these wheel chairs at the platforms, in the trains including entering and exiting the trains. Naturally, they are reminded of the gaps and to take extra caution when passing through the gap when entering and exiting the trains. At all these audit sessions, the wheel chairs move swiftly.

“We, however, note that we did not try out each and every model of wheel chairs available in the market. The wheelchairs used are those brought in by our relevant stakeholders,” Zohari said, adding that Rapid Rail has no authority on what kind of wheel chairs to be allowed on the trains.

“Hence, commuters bound on wheel chairs should ensure that their wheel chairs are in good order to ensure safety in the travels. Having done that, please exercise full caution when traveling at the stations and the platform. Seek assistance from our PBs to enter the trains to ensure smooth entry through the gap and into the trains.

“In entering and exiting the trains, commuters on wheel chairs must make sure that they enter or exit with the wheels directly facing the doors in a straight position. They should not enter or exit sideways, which naturally will add risk of the tyres falling into the gap. There is no need to rush when entering and exiting the trains as there is sufficient time to do this.” he said.

Based on the international standards, a maximum of 50mm gap between the platform and the train is allowed for. The gap allows the trains to enter and exit stations smoothly without any of its part gracing the platform wall. 

Zohari said that Rapid Rail has left no stones unturned in ensuring safety at its LRT, MRT and monorail stations especially at the platforms.

“If you have suggestions, feel free to share with us. We will take pro-active actions to further enhance safety and convenience for the commuters. At Rapid Rail, we are fully committed to ensure that our services are on world class standards especially in terms of safety, comfort and convenience.

“Having said that, we will be the first to note that there are always rooms for further improvements. We are ready to make these improvements. But, the stakeholders need to work with us; rather than using these opportunities for personal agenda. We need to work in true Malaysian way with sincerity in ensuring Malaysia becomes a better country.

“When Prasarana Malaysia Berhad inherited the STAR LRT, this whole facility was not OKU-friendly. But, we acknowledge the need to extend this service to the physically challenged and carried out upgrading works in 2011 to install universal access facilities to allow OKU to use the service, which is now a transformed Ampang – Sri Petaling Line,” Zohari said.

Rapid Rail, which operates the LRT Ampang Line, LRT Sri Petaling Line, LRT Kelana Jaya Line, the monorail services and MRT Line 1 Sungai Buloh – Kajang, currently manages more than half a million passengers daily.


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