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Penang Island
10Pengkalan WeldKebun Bunga (*Temporarily inactive)
11Pengkalan WeldBatu Lanchang
12Pengkalan WeldBandar Sri Pinang
13Paya TerubongTesco Jalan Tunku Kudin
CATPengkalan WeldKomtar
101Pengkalan WeldTeluk Bahang
102Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Bayan LepasTeluk Bahang
103KomtarPulau Tikus
104KomtarTanjung Bungah
201Pengkalan WeldPaya Terubong
202Pengkalan WeldPaya Terubong
203Pengkalan WeldPekan Air Itam
204Pengkalan WeldBukit Bendera
206Tesco Jalan Tunku KudinPengkalan Weld
301Pengkalan WeldRelau
302Pengkalan WeldBatu Maung
303Pengkalan WeldBukit Gedung
304Persiaran GurneyBukit Gedung
305Terminal Bas Sg NibongTeluk Tempoyak (*Temporarily inactive)
306Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Bayan LepasHospital Besar Pulau Pinang
308Terminal Bas Sg NibongGertak Sanggul
E300Terminal Bas Bayan BaruPengkalan Weld (*Temporarily inactive)
401Pengkalan WeldTeluk Kumbar
401EPengkalan WeldBalik Pulau
403Terminal Bas Balik PulauPulau Betong
404Terminal Bas Balik PulauPantai Acheh
501Terminal Bas Balik PulauTeluk Bahang (*Temporarily inactive)
502Pengkalan WeldBalik Pulau
T502Terminal Bas Balik PulauTingkat Paya Terubong

Seberang Prai
601Penang SentralKepala Batas
603Penang SentralKuala Muda
604Penang SentralTaman Desa Murni
604ATaman Desa MurniKepala Batas (*Temporarily inactive)
605Penang SentralPematang Tok Gelam
606Bukit MertajamKepala Batas
610Kepala BatasTasek Gelugor
613Penang SentralPadang Serai
701Penang SentralBukit Mertajam
702Penang SentralBukit Mertajam
706Penang SentralTaman Pelangi
707Bukit MertajamTaman Pelangi
708Bukit MertajamJunjung
709Penang SentralMachang Bubuk
801Penang SentralNibong Tebal
802Bukit MertajamNibong Tebal
803Nibong TebalSungai Aceh (*Temporarily inactive)
804Nibong TebalParit Buntar
EB60Penang SentralSungai Petani
EB80Penang SentralParit Buntar
CAT12 (Seberang Jaya) Penang SentralTesco Seberang Jaya
CAT13 (CAT Bridge)Hotel BlanketTerminal Bas Bayan Baru

10Weld QuayBotanical Garden6.30am9.30pm180 minutes (*Temporarily closed)
10Botanical GardenWeld Quay8.00am8.00pm180 minutes (*Temporarily closed)
11Weld QuayBatu Lanchang5.40am9.25pm40 minutes
101Weld QuayTeluk Bahang5.30am12.00am10 - 20 minutes
101Teluk BahangWeld Quay5.30am11.20pm10 - 20 minutes
102AirportTeluk Bahang6.00am11.15pm60 - 80 minutes
102Teluk BahangAirport6.15am11.00pm60 - 80 minutes
103Weld QuayTanjung Bungah via Jln Kelawa6.15am10.00pm30 - 45 minutes
103Tanjung Bungah via Jln KelawaWeld Quay6.00am10.00pm30 - 45 minutes
104Weld QuayTanjung Bungah via Jln Gajah5.45am10.35pm40 - 55 minutes
104Tanjung Bungah via Jln GajahWeld Quay5.40am10.35pm40 - 55 minutes
201Weld QuayPekan Air Itam - Tgk Paya Terubong5.30am11.30pm15 - 30 minutes
201Pekan Air Itam - Tgk Paya TerubongWeld Quay5.20am10.50pm15 - 30 minutes
202Weld QuayPaya Terubong via Farlim5.35am11.30pm17 - 35 minutes
202Paya Terubong via FarlimWeld Quay5.20am10.30pm17 - 35 minutes
203Weld QuayPekan Air Hitam via Farlim5.40am11.30pm17 - 35 minutes1
203Pekan Air Hitam via FarlimWeld Quay5.25am10.30pm17 - 35 minutes1
204Weld QuayPekan Air Itam5.50am11.30pm25 -40 minutes
204Pekan Air ItamWeld Quay5.30am10.40pm25 -40 minutes
206JettyTessco6.00am10.30pm28 - 40 minutes
206TesscoJetty6.00am10.30pm28 - 40 minutes
CATWeld QuayWeld Quay6.00am111.40pm20 - 30 minutes
10Weld QuayBotanical Garden6.30am10.15pm45 - 60 minutes
10Botanical GardenWeld Quay6.30am10.15pm45 - 60 minutes
11Weld QuayJln Tan Sri The Ewe Lim via Jln Perak5.30am11.00pm20 - 30 minutes
11Jln Tan Sri The Ewe Lim via Jln PerakWeld Quay5.30am10.45pm20 - 30 minutes
12Weld QuayJelutong Promenade6.00am10.40pm40 - 50 minutes
12Jelutong PromenadeWeld Quay6.20am10.20pm40 - 50 minutes
301Weld QuayRelau5.40am11.30pm18 - 30 minutes
301RelauWeld Quay5.30am10.39pm18 - 30 minutes
302Weld QuayBatu Maung via Jln Bukit Gambir5.40pm11.30pm22 - 35 minutes
302Batu Maung via Jln Bukit GambirWeld Quay5.30am10.40pm22 - 35 minutes
303Weld QuayBukit Gedung5.30am111.30pm20 - 35 minutes
303Bukit GedungWeld Quay5.30am110.40pm20 - 35 minutes
304GurneyBukit Gedung5.30am10.30pm37 - 45 minutes
304Bukit GedungGurney5.30am10.30pm37 - 45 minutes
305Terminal Bas Sg. NibongTeluk Tempoyak via Batu Maung6.00am7.15pm130 - 135 minutes
305Teluk Tempoyak via Batu MaungTerminal Bas Sg. Nibong7.05am6.10pm130 - 135 minutes
306HospitalHospital5.30am10.30pm45 - 60 minutes
306AirportHospital5.30am10.30pm45 - 60 minutes
307Weld QuayBatu Maung via Bayan Baru6.00am10.30pm30 - 40 minutes
307Batu Maung via Bayan BaruWeld Quay6.00am10.30pm30 - 40 minutes
308USM / Terminal Bus Sg. NibongGertak Sanggul via Queensbay5.40am10.30pm28 - 35 minutes
308Gertak Sanggul via QueensbayUSM / Terminal Bus Sg. Nibong5.30am10.38pm28 - 35 minutes
309Bukit GedungPers. Bayang Indah (Queensbay Mall)6.00am11.00pm30 - 35 minutes
309Pers. Bayang Indah (Queensbay Mall)Bukit Gedung6.35am11.45pm30 - 35 minutes
401EWeld QuayBalik Pulau via Queensbay5.30am11.10pm25 - 35 minutes
401EBalik Pulau via QueensbayWeld Quay5.20am11.00pm25 - 35 minutes
401Weld QuayBalik Pulau via Bayan Baru5.40am11.30pm30 - 45 minutes
401Balik Pulau via Bayan BaruWeld Quay5.25am10.30pm30 - 45 minutes
403Pekan Balik PulauPulau Betong6.00am7.22pm80 - 85 minutes
403Pulau BetongPekan Balik Pulau6.28am6.40pm80 - 85 minutes
404Pekan Balik PulauPantai Achech6.00am7.30pm45 - 50 minutes
404Pantai AchechPekan Balik Pulau6.00am8.15pm45 - 50 minutes
501Pekan Balik PulauTeluk Bahang6.30am5.30pm120 - 130 minutes
501Teluk BahangPekan Balik Pulau7.30am6.30pm120 - 130 minutes
502Weld QuayTerminal Balik Pulau5.30pm10.00pm25 - 40 minutes
502Terminal Balik PulauWeld Quay5.30am10.00pm25 - 40 minutes
601Penang SentralKepala Batas6.00am10.00pm30 - 45 minutes
601Kepala BatasPenang Sentral6.00am8.00pm30 - 45 minutes
602Penang SentralTasek Gelugor6.30am10.00pm40 - 60 minutes
602Tasek GelugorPenang Sentral6.00am10.00pm40 - 60 minutes
603Penang SentralKuala Muda6.00am10.00pm40 - 45 minutes
603Kuala MudaPenang Sentral6.00am10.00pm40 - 45 minutes
604Penang SentralDesa Murni6.50am10.00pm45 - 55 minutes
604Desa MurniPenang Sentral6.00am9.30pm45 - 55 minutes
604 AKompleks Dato KailanDesa Murni6.40am9.20pm80 - 85 minutes
604 ADesa MurniKompleks Dato Kailan6.00am10.00pm80 - 85 minutes
605Penang SentralPekan Darat6.00am10.00pm30 - 45 minutes
605Pekan DaratPenang Sentral6.00am10.00pm30 - 45 minutes
606Bukit MertajamKepala Batas6.00am10.00pm45 - 60 minutes
606Kepala BatasBukit Mertajam5.55am9.50pm45 - 60 minutes
608Penang SentralPenaga6.00am8.00pm60 - 75 minutes
608PenagaPenang Sentral6.00am8.00pm60 - 75 minutes
610Kepala BatasTasek Gelugor6.00am6.00pm60 - 75 minutes1
610Tasek GelugorKepala Batas6.00am6.00pm60 - 75 minutes1
701Penang SentralBukit Mertajam6.00am10.00pm10 -20 minutes
701Bukit MertajamPenang Sentral6.00am10.00pm10 -20 minutes
702Penang SentralBukit Mertajam6.00am10.00pm20 - 30 minutes
702Bukit MertajamPenang Sentral6.00am10.00pm20 - 30 minutes
703Penang SentralSeberang Jaya (Tesco)6.00am10.00pm15 - 30 minutes
703Seberang Jaya (Tesco)Penang Sentral6.00am10.30pm15 - 30 minutes
709Penang SentralMadang Bubuk6.30am10.00pm60 - 75 minutes
709Madang BubukPenang Sentral6.00am9.30pm60 - 75 minutes
801Penang SentralNibong Tebal5.40am10.00pm30 - 45 minutes
801Nibong TebalPenang Sentral5.40am10.00pm30 - 45 minutes
802Bukit MertajamNibong Tebal6.00am10.00pm30 - 45 minutes1
802Nibong TebalBukit Mertajam6.00am9.45pm30 - 45 minutes1
803Nibong TebalTaman Ilmu / Transkerian6.00am6.00pm60 - 75 minutes
803Taman Ilmu / TranskerianNibong Tebal6.00am6.00pm60 - 75 minutes

Fare StagesAdult FareConcession Fare
First 7 kmRM1.40RM0.70
7.01 - 14.00 kmRM2.00RM1.00
14.01 - 21.00 kmRM2.70RM1.40
21.01 - 28.00 kmRM3.40RM1.70
28.01 – 35.00 kmRM4.00RM2.00
35.01 – 42.00 km RM4.70RM2.40
42.01 – 49.0 kmRM5.00RM2.50

Fares Products

Rapid Preferred
For Non-Malaysian
Good news for frequent travelers! You can now save so much more on your daily travel expenses with our 'Rapid Preferred' – an exclusive pass that offers unlimited travel around Penang at the most affordable price!
Items required for first application:

  1. One passport photo
  2. RM 5 registration fee
Non-Malaysian RM110
Rapid Youth
For Students (Non-Malaysia)
Calling all students! Enjoy greater savings with 'rapid Youth'. You can hop on Rapid Penang anytime, anywhere! Now, that's truly the 'rapid' way to travel.
Items required for first application:

  1. One passport photo
  2. Photocopy of Student ID
  3. College or University’s confirmation letter (with starting & ending date of your study)
  4. RM5 Registration Fee
Non-Malaysian RM55
Rapid Emas
For Senior Citizens & OKU (Non-Malaysian)
A special card designed for Senior citizens* and OKU. Rapid Emas celebrates your golden years with you!
*Aged 60 years and above
Items required for first application:

  1. One passport photo
  2. MM2H visa / OKU verification card
  3. RM5 Registration Fee
Non-Malaysian RM55

Note: All monthly passes are valid as per calendar month. Application must be made at Rapid Penang Information Kiosk.