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Bike & Ride

Guideline for bringing your bike on-board Rapid KL trains

General Guidelines

  • Non-foldable, foldable bikes and scooters are permitted.

  • Cyclists or scooters users under the age of 12 must be accompanied by adults when bringing permitted bike or scooter types onto the train.

  • Bikes or scooters should be safely attended by the cyclists at all times.

  • Cyclists or scooter users shall enter and exit through the wide-aisle gate.

  • Cyclists or scooter users must park at the dedicated wheelchair area onboard the trains. Priority must be given to wheelchair users or people with disabilities.

  • When boarding or leaving the train, cyclists or scooter users are reminded to use extreme caution to avoid bumping into other passengers.

  • Cyclists or scooter users shall allow other passengers to board and exit the train first.
  • Priority to use the elevators shall be given to people with disabilities.

  • Every passenger is allowed to carry one permitted bike or scooter at any time.

  • Cyclists or scooter users must wait by the specified doors, as indicated by the marking at the platform.

  • Cycling or scootering is strictly prohibited inside the trains and stations at all times.

  • Ensure that bikes or scooters are clean and free from mud and grease.

  • Cyclists or scooter users shall be held responsible for any damage caused to Rapid KL.

  • Rapid KL may refuse entry to passenger with permitted bike or scooter if it may cause inconvenience to other passengers or affecting train operations.

Traveling Guide

Train Entrance Point

Station With Bicycle Racks

For Non-foldable Bikes

Travellers who do not own a foldable bike but cycle to stations may park their bikes at the parking racks made available at selected stations. No charges required but you are to bring your own locks to secure your bikes. Each rack caters to 20 bicycles.

At each station, the bicycle rack can accommodate up to 20 bicycles.

Sri Petaling/ Ampang Line

Kelana Jaya Line