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Bermula 16 Jun 2022.

Dari Stesen Kwasa Damansara sehingga Stesen Kampung Batu.

Group travel pass that offers one-day unlimited rides for Malaysians.

The MRT Putrajaya Line is the second line of the MRT Project that expending the existing MRT line to serve better public transport connectivity for the commuters. The new MRT line will passing through numerous high population residential as well as township area from Kwasa Damansara and up to Putrajaya.

The alignment will have a length of 57.7km, consisting of 44.2km of elevated tracks and 13.5km running through underground tunnels. It will have 36 operational stations of which 27 are elevated and 9 underground. There will be total of 10 interchange stations and connecting stations for the commuters to transfer from the MRT Putrajaya Line to existing rail lines.

For phase 1, total 12 stations will be operated from Kwasa Damansara Station to Kampung Batu Station and 7 stations equipped with car park facility with total of 2,836 bays.

The newly train set serving the line have four cars, allowing a total capacity of 1,200 passengers per direction. Trains will run at a frequency of 4 minutes (peak hours) and 6 minutes (off peak hours).

We strongly recommend our passengers to follow Rapid KL’s social media platforms or download the PULSE app to keep up with latest train frequency and service status.

General FAQs regarding MRT Services can be found at Resources – FAQs

For info related to MRT Feeder bus services, please visit the Rapid KL Bus Service page.


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Station Opening
Stations will be opened to public at 0600 hours every day except if there is approved event that need specific station (s) to be opened earlier than normal.

PHASE 1 : Station Closing (Monday to Saturday)

StationStation NameLast train (SB) towards Kampung BatuLast train (NB) towards Kwasa DamansaraStation Closing Time
1Kwasa Damansara11:35 PMN/A11:30 PM
3Kampung Selamat11:38 PM12:01 AM11:30 PM
4Sungai Buloh11:40 PM11:59 PM11:30 PM
5Damansara Damai11:43 PM11:57 PM11:35 PM
6Sri Damansara Barat11:46 PM11:54 PM11:35 PM
7Sri Damansara Sentral11:49 PM11:51 PM11:40 PM
8Sri Damansara Timur11:51 PM11:49 PM11:40 PM
9Metro Prima11:53 PM11:47 PM11:40 PM
10Kepong Baru11:56 PM11:44 PM11:35 PM
11Jinjang11:59 PM11:41 PM11:30 PM
12Sri Delima12:02 AM11:38 PM11:30 PM
13Kampung BatuN/A11:35 PM11:30 PM
Station Closing (Sunday and Public Holiday) 
StationStation NameLast train (SB) towards Kampung BatuLast train (NB) towards Kwasa DamansaraStation Closing Time
1Kwasa Damansara11:00 PMN/A10:55 PM
3Kampung Selamat11:03 PM11:25 PM10:55 PM
4Sungai Buloh11:05 PM11:23 PM11:00 PM
5Damansara Damai11:07 PM11:21 PM11:00 PM
6Sri Damansara Barat11:10 PM11:18 PM11:05 PM
7Sri Damansara Sentral11:12 PM11:16 PM11:10 PM
8Sri Damansara Timur11:14 PM11:13 PM11:10 PM
9Metro Prima11:17 PM11:11 PM11:05 PM
10Kepong Baru11:20 PM11:08 PM11:00 PM
11Jinjang11:22 PM11:06 PM11:00 PM
12Sri Delima11:25 PM11:03 PM10:55 PM
13Kampung BatuN/A11:00 PM10:55 PM

Note: In the event of any approved service extension hours or special-request events, dedicated train schedule and operation plan will be introduced. This is also include the unique operations i.e. Ramadhan operations, where the timing for the morning and evening peak hours have some slight changes.

Please be at the station before closing time.

Monday to Friday
TimeFrequency (minutes)
6:00 am - 7:00 am7
7:00 am - 9:00 am4
9:00 am - 5:00 pm7
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm4
7:00 pm - 12:00 am7
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
TimeFrequency (minutes)
6:00 am - 12:00 am7