MyRapid Performance Update

Updated Weekly

Welcome to our performance page

Here is where we share our operational performance with you, key of which is our Mean Kilometres Between Failures (MKBF).

MKBF in rail refers to the distance trains travel before a failure (resulting in a delay of more than 5 minutes) occurs. Prasarana has set a target to achieve an MKBF of 1 million km for KJL, AGL and KGL respectively, and an MKBF of 150,000 km for MRL by the Third Quarter of 2026.

The following table shows the MKBF for August 2023. Subsequent updates will be made on the 20th of every month.



Ampang Line

314,547 KM

Kelana Jaya Line

123,285 KM

Monorail Line

71,494 KM

Kajang Line

130,894 KM

Putrajaya Line

306,368 KM

In addition to the MKBF, this page will also provide weekly updates on both our Rail and Bus operations. They include ridership, load factor, service availability, reliability and disruptions, incident summary and facilities maintenance.


Data on ridership, load factor, service reliability and availability, and facilities condition.

Data on ridership, number of buses on the road, load factor, service reliability and availability, and facilities condition at BRT Sunway.