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KUALA LUMPUR, 14 July – The MyRapid Card migration exercise, which is scheduled to ‪end tomorrow (‪15 July), has been extended until the end of the month ‪on 31 July.

As of yesterday, more than 190,000 MyRapid cards had migrated to MyRapid Touch ‘n Go cards, which would allow seamless travel at all Rapid KL public transport networks, including stage buses, BRT, LRT, monorail and the MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang Line (MRT SBK).

Of that total, close to 50,000 are for the migration of MyRapid concession cards, which accord senior citizens, students, and those with physical disabilities (OKUs) 50 percent discount on their travels.   

In the statement issued today, Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, the owner and operator of major urban rail and bus services in Greater Klang Valley, said it had decided to extend the migration exercise to allow those who have yet to migrate their cards a second chance to complete the exercise.  

These included cardholders who might be away from the Klang Valley during the one-month migration period.  

The delay in migrating their cards, however, would hinder them from seamless travel on the MRT SBK Line, which is scheduled for full opening ‪on Monday (17 July).    

“MyRapid cardholders who have yet to migrate their cards, and intentionally or unintentionally enter the MRT SBK system via the LRT system using MyRapid cards would need to purchase tokens at the MRT Customer Services Offices when exiting the MRT system. This might cause delay or inconvenience to the cardholders,” the statement said. 

In facilitating the extension of the card migration, the four Concession Card Migration Centres at the Pasar Seni bus hub, and the Sri Rampai, Awan Besar, and Subang Jaya LRT stations would continue to be opened daily, ‪from 7am to 7pm ‪until 31 July 2017. 

For the migration of MyRapid concession cards, Prasarana strongly advised cardholders not to just concentrate on the Pasar Seni concession card centre, but to go to the three temporary migration centres at Sri Rampai, Awan Besar and Subang Jaya LRT stations. 

Based on experience during the one-month exercise, senior citizens and people with disabilities would be able to complete the entire migration within 15 minutes at the LRT stations.  

Students, who form the larger group of concession cardholders, might need to wait between 30 minutes to 90 minutes to complete the entire migration process, depending on the size of the crowd. 

Student concession cardholders could inquire the estimated waiting time upon collecting their queue numbers and plan their time thereon.  

Senior Citizens, people with disabilities, and students who wish to apply for the new MyRapid Touch ‘n Go cards or renew their concession card would still need to submit their applications at the concession counter at the Pasar Seni Bus Hub. 

They may visit for guidelines and terms and conditions of concession card applications. 

MyRapid Card reload function disabled 

In the same statement, Prasarana also announced that the reload function for MyRapidcards at all Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) and Customer Service Offices (CSOs) at all LRT, BRT, and monorail stations would be disabled ‪from tomorrow (‪15 July 2017).

Customers holding the new MyRapid Touch ‘n Go cards may reload their cards at Touch ‘n Go (TnG) Self-Service Kiosks at selected MRT and LRT stations, TnG hubs, business outlets that offer TnG reload facilities, as well as the customer service offices at the MRT, BRT, LRT, and monorail stations. 


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