KUALA LUMPUR, 7 September – Rapid Bus Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Prasarana Malaysia Berhad (Prasarana) for bus operations, has launched a new tagline called ‘Destinasi Anda Inspirasi Kami’, symbolising a working philosophy among all Rapid Bus staff when interacting with passengers, colleagues, and members of the public.

The virtual launch ceremony was held on September 3, which saw the winning entry by Bus Captain Mohd Rahmat Abd Hamid from Rapid Kuantan unveiled to all Rapid Bus staff.

“I was inspired to come up with this tagline upon seeing an elderly passenger who was going to the hospital to visit his son. His beaming smile when he finally got to see his son, who had since recovered, made me realise that our role in Rapid Bus is not just about providing transport and bringing our passengers to their destinations. We provide them connectivity so that they could meet loved ones, go to school or to work, get essential services such as medical help or food to feed the family and so on. Seeing passengers reach their destinations safely inspires me to be better at my job because now I understand the role that I play in helping our passengers mobilise and flourish,” said Mohd Rahmat.

The ceremony was officiated by chairman Dato’ Seri Haji Mustafar Ali, who was also joined by Prasarana’s President and Group Chief Executive Officer, Encik Mohd Azharuddin Mat Sah; Group Chief Operating Officer (Operations), Datin Hjh. Norlia Noah and Encik Muhammad Yazurin Sallij, who is Rapid Bus Chief Executive Officer.

Speaking at the launch, Dato’ Seri Mustafar said: “Our responsibility is not only to ensure that customers reach their destinations safely, but we also need to provide a comfortable environment and build good relationships with customers.

“We want to strengthen our brand positioning; a strategy towards making our brand of choice among our community. When we at Rapid Bus, provide a good experience to passengers, they will surely remember that we are more than just a mode of transportation or vehicle for them,” he added.

In his address, Muhammad Yazurin hoped that the new tagline would inject more noble values and commitment among the staff in providing the best service towards customers; adding that Rapid Bus employees should aspire to do more than what they have been required to do.

He expressed delight that some of the kind acts had been widely highlighted in social media and had gained positive reaction from the public. Among others, he said, were about Bus Captains assisting a motorcyclist during a flood, helping a blind elderly crossing the road, and returning customers belongings.

“Supported by the Human Capital Division in its parent company, Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, an integrated staff and customer experience improvement programme is being rolled out which include comprehensive training on etiquette, stress management and good customer service, “A Day in the Life of…” job exchange programme to allow staff of various levels to experience, empathise and learn from each other, and mystery shopper programme to ensure that Rapid Bus staff consistently delivers on our brand promise,” Yazurin concluded.