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KUALA LUMPUR, 18 December 2017 – The Prasarana Malaysia Berhad Auxiliary Police (Polis Bantuan) has successfully caught 21 of the 22 suspects involved in sexual harassment incidents reported to them this year.

In addition, the Auxiliary Police also picked up 13 suspects on suspicion of harassing  commuters onboard public transport this year. 

“One of the key learnings from these incidents was that the people who were harassed  reported the incidents to our Auxiliary Police at the earliest opportunity, and worked closely with us to apprehend the suspects. 

“Most of these suspects were caught within several days after the incidents were  reported. 

“While we understand and appreciate the anxiety of such incidents among members of  the public, particularly those who reacted in the social media, we need to take note that the attention generated in the social media might also hamper the efforts of the 

authorities in apprehending the suspects,” said Lim Jin Aun, Head of Group  Communications and Strategic Marketing for Prasarana. 

As the public transport services managed by the subsidiaries of Prasarana carry more  than one million commuters daily, Lim said the organisation was bound to face unwelcomed incidents. 

However, the Prasarana operations and security team members are committed to assist our customers as best as we could, Lim said.

In the evening of 14 December, four sexual harassment cases took place within the Rapid  KL urban rail network. 

The suspect involved in three of the cases were arrested not long after the people who  were harassed approached the Auxiliary Police at the stations. 

In the fourth case, the Auxiliary Police gave chase to the suspect upon being informed  by the person who were harassed but lost the suspect during the chase. 

Lim said the Auxiliary Police has identified the suspect via CCTV recordings and has  shared the recordings with the police whom they were working closely with to apprehend him. 

“We have also met with the person who was harassed and gave our assurance that the  incident would be thoroughly investigated. 

“We wish to assure our commuters that our Auxiliary Police maintains omnipresence, in  uniform as well as in plain clothes, within our public transport network. 

“Again, we wish to request commuters who have been harassed to approach our  Auxiliary Police for assistance as soon as possible, and work closely with us to apprehend the suspect. While sharing the incident in the social media would generate awareness  among members of the public, we do not want the suspect to give us the slip upon knowing the publicity generated,” Lim added.