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Retail Space

Available retail spaces

Need a strategic location where you can reach a wide audience? Rent our retail space and enjoy the benefits of wide exposure to your presence, products and services.

For more info, email us at [email protected] or kindly get in touch with the name stated in the poster.


Putra Heights LRT Station

Located at high traffic station, our retail spaces are ideal platform to reach a wide consumer segment.

  1. Kiosk C01 Concorse Level Unpaid Area
    (Click to view image) (Click to view layout)
  2. Station Street Level (KIOSK U01, U02, U03, U04, U05 & U06 (JET BUS) (Click to view image) (Click to view layout)

USJ 21 LRT Station

Another high traffic station located near the main road, an ideal platform to reach a wide consumer segment.

  1. Kiosk S01, SO2, S03 & S04 Street Level
    (Click to view image) (Click to view layout)
  2. Kiosk C01, C02, ATM1, ATM2 Concorse Level
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Retail & Leasing ​

More than 400,000 commuters are in our network daily. Engage them through your presence in our network. Choose from a variety of leases to suit your business needs:

  • Kiosk spaces for lease
  • ATMs
  • Vending Machines


Located at high traffic stations, our promotional spaces are ideal platforms to reach a wide consumer segment:

  • Promotions
  • Flyers and Sampling Distribution
  • Mascot Appearance

Shooting / Filming

Cutting between shots taken at different times or from different perspectives

  • Shooting and Filming Activities

Providing commuters a seamless travel and lifestyle experience

PRIDE retail and Leasing handles the leasing of commercial space suited for a wide-selection of services from fashion to food. We provide you with the commercial space and potential traffic to suit every business.

  • At available spaces at our 91 stations along Kelana Jaya, Ampang, Monorail and BRT Sunway Lines
  • Preferred usage - Retail / Take-away / Service / Showroom / Office

  • Promotion area 10 x 10 (100 sqft)
  • Promotion area 8 x 8 (64 sqft)
  • Flyers / Sampling
  • Mascot
  • Sandwichman

  • For educational out-reached programme
  • To see KL City from different point of view
  • To explore new experiences

  • Events
  • Wedding
  • Birthday

  • To capture the most wonderful moment for memory in motion
  • To explore new experience in cinematography


Get closer to your customers with our Kiosk spaces for lease, Promotions, Flyer and sample distributions, Mascot appearance and Shooting/filming activities.

Let us help you and kindly contact our Retail and Leasing Department: [email protected]