KUALA LUMPUR, 26 January – Rapid KL has expressed its apology for the temporary service disruption for LRT Kelana Jaya Line this morning when one of its south-bound train encountered technical difficulty and stopped between Sri Rampai and Setiawangsa stations.

Experiencing power loss, the train stopped while in service as it was reaching Setiawangsa Station, which immediately brought the entire LRT Kelana Jaya to a halt at 7.04am, Rapid KL spokesman Azhar Ghazali said in a statement here today.                         

Two technicians on the driverless-system train attempted to put it on manual mode; but were unable to release the automatic braking system. Efforts to move the stalled train with another train to the pocket track at Setiawangsa Station via the ‘coupling procedure’ were also unsuccessfully due to automatic braking system holding firm.       

In the failure of the coupling exercise, another train was dispatched to the scene where commuters were transferred to the rescue train before being evacuated at Setiawangsa station. Evacuation process proceeded smoothly.

At the same time, a team of technicians was dispatched from the Subang Depot with a hand pump and other technical equipment needed to release the automatic braking system for the train to be manually driven to the pocket track.

While rescue works were carried out, alternate service was carried with trains from Putra Heights turning back at Setiawangsa station. Shuttle service was operated between Setiawangsa and Gombak stations via operations on a single track.

A shuttle bus service was also provided at Gombak LRT station to ferry commuters to Setiawangsa Station and take the LRT service. Refund coupons were also issued to passengers opting to take alternative transport services.

Service resumed full normalcy at 10.07am.

“Rapid KL apologizes for all inconvenience caused by the disruption in service,” the statement added.